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Forum Replies

  1. hi thank you for your good article

    as i look this section, i have a question

    what is l3-aware switch ? for example cat 3750 3850 etc.

    please tell me what platform is l3-aware…


  2. Hello Ananth. I will attempt to answer all of your questions in this single reply.

    1. You wrote: H1 and H2 are still interested so they will respond with a membership report. The switch will intercept these two messages and forwards them to the CPU. One of the two membership reports is then forwarded to the router. In the above statement , only one the membership report is forwarded to the router . Is this a form of report suppression? Also explain why only one report is sent?

    Yes, only one membership report is forwarded to the router, however this one member

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  3. Hello Say Hian

    I will attempt to answer your questions below:

    H1 and H2 are hosts. However, Rene has used routers there to simulate the hosts. This is why he has command line access to them.[quote=“sayhian16, post:28, topic:1321”]
    Does the following commands assign multicast ip address to ports in switch?
    ip igmp snooping vlan (vlan number) stat

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  4. Hi Hussein,

    You can try:

    R1# show mac address-table multicast vlan 1
     vlan   mac address     type    qos             ports
       1  0100.5e02.0203  static   --  Gi0/1,Gi0/2,Router
       1  0100.5e00.0127  static   --  Gi0/1,Gi0/2,Router
       1  0100.5e00.0128  static   --  Gi0/1,Gi0/2,Router
       1  0100.5e00.0001  static   --  Gi0/1,Gi0/2,Router,Switch

  5. Hi Hussein,

    You can see the multicast groups with show ip igmp snooping groups but it won’t show the corresponding MAC addresses that are used per group. About your questions:

    You can use this if you expect packet loss on your subnet. It changes the interval for some IGMP messages. The downside of changing this is that you increase the leave latency:

    * Group member interval: this is the am

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