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Forum Replies

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I have a question regarding the " Static VRF routes" defined under the MP-BGP section. I believe they should look like this:

    ISP(config)#ip route vrf BLUE
    ISP(config)#ip route vrf RED

    Instead of:

    ISP(config)#ip route vrf RED
    ISP(config)#ip route vrf BLUE

    Am I missing something or this is just a typo?

    Many thanks!

  2. You are absolutely correct, not sure how I ended up with that in the configs as the show output does show the correct output. It has been fixed.

  3. Hello Kenneth

    Looking at your output something seems to be a bit off. First of all, is the output copy and pasted exactly as it was from your output? This does not seem to be the case because the sh ip route vrf BLUE bgp output should show the routes in ascending order, so should be first. It seems some manipulation was done. However, having said that, this once again doesn’t match up with the ip route commands shown at the beginning of your post.

    Each static route must point to the loopback of the OTHER VRF. What you’ve done is pointed them to the

    ... Continue reading in our forum

  4. Hmm

    I’m going to get Rene to take a look at this. Another set of eyes may see something that was missed…


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