Course Description

If you want to run multicast between two routers that are connected through a network that doesn't support multicast then a common solution is to use a GRE tunnel to transmit your multicast traffic. If you use the GRE tunnel only for multicast traffic, you will run into an RPF (Reverse Path Forwardi

Sending traffic from one source to a single destination is called unicast. Sending traffic from one source to everyone in the subnet is called a broadcast. Sending traffic from one (or multiple) sources to a group of receivers is called multicast. These lessons explain the different protocols we require to make multicast work on our routers and switches.

Course Highlights

In this course you will learn:

  • What multicast is and the protocols we use.
  • The different addresses we use for multicast.
  • How we use PIM on routers to route multicast traffic.
  • The different PIM modes: sparse, dense and sparse-dense mode.
  • And many other topics…

Presented to you by instructor Rene Molenaar, CCIE #41726


You should be very familiar with routing and routing protocols.

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