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NX-OS Topics

Create a course with NX-OS Topics.

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Troubleshooting labs

It would be great if we could get some basic to more advance troubleshooting across the core technologies EIGRP/OSPF/BGP/MPLS/Multicast. That really reinforces the foundation that I am learning and get a deeper understanding of these technologies.

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Python Scripting for networks

How to write scripts for multiple config changes/backups.

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Wireshark Tutorial

A lot of your topics show you capturing traffic via Wireshark. Create a topic(s) exclusively on how to effectively use Wireshark.

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SDN Topics

Create a Course with basic concepts of Software defined networking.

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MPLS Traffic Engineering

1. How the MPLS can offer the Traffic Engineering by priority the VOIP traffic
2. How the MPLS TE can use the optimal path to priority the traffic

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Nexus Switches & DC conecpts

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VXLAN and Spine-Leaf Architecture

In the space of ever evolving datacenter design, i feel its time to get hands dirty with some deep understanding of various use cases of spine-leaf w/ VXLAN and few design examples..

please see if you can add any tutorials that explains,

Spine-leave design

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VPLS Lessons.

Hi Rene,

Appreciate if you can create some lessons on VPLS.



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Nexus Overview

Please help to upload topics on Nexus.