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  1. Renee - Can you possibly give an example of a message that we would see regarding each severity level or an action that would result in us seeing 0-7


  2. Hello Mahmoud.

    These two commands do two very different things. First of all, the logging monitor errors command, does enable error level logging as you mentioned. That is, it logs all level 3 messages and below (Errors, Critical, Alerts and Emergencies). This command places all syslog messages into the local logging buffer (or sends them to the syslog server, depending on the configuration).

    Conversely, the terminal monitor and the terminal no monitor commands don’t turn logging on and off. These commands indicate wheather or not the logging messages will

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  3. With show logging history you can’t verify the setting of logging buffered severity. This can be done with show logging itself, show logging history shows the setting of logging history severity

  4. You guys are absolutely right, just fixed this.



  5. Thank you so much Lazaros :blush:

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