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Including Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Routing & Switching.

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666 lessons and I am constantly adding new lessons, videos and reference material. Everything is explained in the simplest possible.

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Beginner in networking or professional? We offer Cisco lessons for all levels. If you have never worked in IT before then you will enjoy the CCNA lessons while experts will love the CCIE lessons. My lessons will help you to prepare for popular certifications like:

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What our Members are Saying

  • Brett Larkins
    Brett Larkins
    Network Engineer
    A Very Valuable Resource

    I consider NetworkLessons.com to be a very valuable resource for all Network Engineers, regardless of their experience level. You’ll find a very large number of topics explained thoroughly, in a simple and easy to understand manner, using scenarios to help you better relate to the solution.

  • Manny Oluwo
    Manny Oluwo
    Senior Network Engineer
    Networking Made Easy

    Networklessons.com is an incredible site. It’s a good site for beginners and also for seasoned network engineers. Rene really covers the VERY basic of every technology. He also gradually takes you to the more involved section. Once you understand the basic, everything else falls into place.

  • Quinton Jay Mason
    Quinton Jay Mason
    Network Engineer
    Answers Are Only a Search Away

    The unique method of NetworkLessons.com explaining topics makes it easy to understand. It’s really a joy to learn and read. I like the teaching techniques, they are clear, concise and to the point. I have never subscribed to any training resource before, but the quality that NetworkLessons.com has to offer makes it worth it. Especially when having to troubleshoot more complex network issues we face in production environments, answers are just a search away.

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“My name is Rene Molenaar, and I am here to help you to achieve your goals. Do you want to upgrade your skills? Want to start a career in networking? Become a CCIE in Routing & Switching? Let me help you! After teaching Cisco classroom courses for several years I decided to share my knowledge online on NetworkLessons.com.”

Rene Molenaar CCIE #41726, Founder of NetworkLessons.com
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