Course Description

Python is a programming language, developed in the 90s by Guido van Rossum. You can use Python for anything from simple scripts to complex object-oriented programming. Python is easy to read and write.

In this course, we cover the basics of Python with a focus on network engineers. You will learn anything you need to know about Python to interact with networks, network devices, and APIs.

Course Highlights

In this course you will learn:

  • How to install Python.
  • How to use the print function.
  • How to create variables.
  • What data types Python supports (numeric, strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries).
  • How to use Python operators.
  • How to use if/elif/else logic in your scripts.
  • How to use while and for loops.
  • How to use functions and modules.
  • How to connect to devices through SSH or API.
  • And many other topics…

Presented to you by instructor Rene Molenaar, CCIE #41726


  • Basic computer skills.

Course Schedule