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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Rene,

    Would you please let me know why this post is not shown in your official book HOW TO MASTER CCNP .

    This is not the only article which is not shown in the book ? why the book is not updated in the same manner of the website ?

    I evaluated the website 100% , but the book has some missing information if we compared to the website.

    Can you please let me know . The version of the book has been buy from amazon.com and it is printed on 2015 .

  2. For whomever do not know what MOS means, I just wanted to share some basic info:

    Mean opinion score (MOS)

    VoIP measurements are collected for after testing the one-way delay or the latency of the connection, packet loss with a metric to include the number of consecutive packets lost, and the amount jitter (difference in time it takes packets to arrive). Calculations then factor an R Factor that can be used to estimate a MOS score.

    MOS has a subjective measurement where listeners would sit in a “quiet room” and score call quality as they perceived it

    Mean opini

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  3. Hi Rene,

    I have a solid understanding on how IP SLA works would you be able to break down threshold a little more for me. In a lot of configurations I see it configured to the same parameter as the timeout command. Would you also be able to provide an example using threshold

    thanks in advance.

  4. Thank you, I appreciate your quick reply Laz.

  5. Hi Rene,
    sometimes I saw the log output below in my router log, and experience a slowness in the network, could you please explain it to me and what to look for.

    Feb  4 08:00:39.636: %TRACK-6-STATE: 11166 ip sla 11166 state Up -> Down
    Feb  4 08:00:40.548: %TRACK-6-STATE: 1116 list threshold percentage Up -> Down
    Feb  4 08:01:24.636: %TRACK-6-STATE: 11166 ip sla 11166 state Down -> Up
    Feb  4 08:01:25.576: %TRACK-6-STATE: 1116 list threshold percentage Down -> Up
    Feb  4 08:45:29.659: %TRACK-6-STATE: 11161 ip sla 11161 state Up -> Down
    Feb  4 08:45:29.659: %TRACK-
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