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  1. Keep going with “CCIE Routing & Switching Written” Rene !
    I’m counting on you ! There are still many missing topics from blueprint V5.1 - nobody can explain them better than you !

  2. hi renee,

    when i click on courses > certifications > ccie r&s i am unable to see ccie r&s written ?

    any help on how i can view both of the sections.

    also to clarify is the subsection under ccie r&s for the lab exam and not the written exam ? i will be starting ccie writen soon however wich section should i use … i am confused … other than this i have used this website from the ccna material and it has been very helpful thanks.

  3. Hi Zahir,

    I’m currently working on the CCIE R&S written menu, most of the material is there though. Here’s a direct link:

    CCIE R&S Written

    Once it is completed, I will convert the “old” CCIE page to the CCIE R&S lab menu.


  4. Hi Rene,
    Great article.
    I have one questions , why both IOS and IOS XE exist within single device (ASR 1000-X) whereas both has same job in different way.Thx

  5. Hi Zaman,

    The 100X-X only runs IOS XE? :slight_smile:


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