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  1. Hello Charles

    The EEM scripting language is quite detailed and powerful and is able to implement various configurations including periodically sending an update of the status of a specific value. This is done using the Watchdog periodic timer event. You can find out more about this at this Cisco link:

    For a general command reference of EEM you can see the following link:

    I hope this has been helpful!


  2. Hello,
    I am using EEM to track an IP SLA and in case it’s DOWN, I would want to send an SNMP-TRAP to NMS. IP SLA and Track works perfectly, however, the SNMP traps are not being sent. Please review my code and advise if I am missing something. Thanks.

    rt-1#debug snmp packets
    SNMP packet debugging is on
    rt-1#sho run | s event
    snmp-server enable traps event-manager
    event manager applet TRACK_IP_DOWN
     event track 1 state down
     action 1.0 syslog msg "IP SLA 100 is down"
     action 2.0 mail server "smtp-1.local" to "networkadmins@local" from "no-reply@local" subject "IP SLA 100 is down" body "IP SLA 100 is not receiving ICMP echo replies anymore"
     action 3.0 snmp-trap strdata "SNMP: IP SLA 100 is not receiving ICMP echo replies anymore"
    rt-1#sho run | s snmp
    snmp-server community test RO
    snmp-server trap-source GigabitEthernet0/1
    snmp-server location GNS3 Lab
    snmp-server enable traps event-manager
    snmp-server host informs version 2c test
    snmp-server host version 2c test
  3. Hello Laz for comment.
    I finally found the problem.
    EEM Action 3.0 never taken because it failed at action 2.0!!


  4. Hi Networkeh,

    I think this will be difficult to retrieve from the show ip sla output. Some ideas that come to mind:

    • Monitor from the NMS. It seems LibreNMS supports it. Solarwinds and PRTG have something too.
    • Use SNMP to fetch IP SLA statistics.
    • Use netflow to monitor your IP SLA traffic.
    • Use EEM to run something like show ip sla statistics | redirect . This doesn’t give you a “per ping” output.


  5. Thanks Rene,
    I liked the 3rd option (Netflow)

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