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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Rey Galjour

Well Worth It

Rene is quite simply great at what he does. My process for learning Cisco (and networking in general) is to get an introduction to concepts or processes first, and then once I have a general idea of what's what, then to go to to actually understand the hands-on configuration and mechanics involved. So far it's a system that just can't be beaten and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to broaden their networking knowledge and skills. Thank you!

Rey Galjour
IT Systems Manager
November 20, 2018

Jeff Hazel

Great Site!

Topics are separated into logical and easy to follow stages. The configs labs are a great addition as you can quickly ‘lab up’ the examples to help understand each topic. They have the right balance between not being too simplistic and not being over complex, to prevent an ‘information overload’. recognizes that a lot of the readers -while needing to have a thorough understanding of the technology- may not have the time to ‘deep dive’ on every topic, particularly if one is following a Cisco Certification track that covers a broad range of topics.

Jeff Hazel
IT Contactor
June 14, 2018

Donald L Simpson

Comprehensive Networking Foundation

One of my favorite features of the site in general is the context sensitive keyword search feature in the upper right hand corner. This is my first favorite resource when looking for information on a topic I am unclear of. The site provides comprehensive coverage of all the CCNA topics. I haven't received a zero search result yet for any keyword searchs I've done. The course material is clear and concise with Rene giving video white board explanations making abstract networking concepts appear tangible. If you are looking for an entry point into the world of Cisco routing and switching, comprehensive content provides the foundation for CCNA and beyond.

Donald L. Simpson
IT Consulting
September 13, 2015

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