Course Description

IPv6 FHS (First Hop Security) are different features that secure IPv6 on L2 links. First "hop" might make you think about the first router but that's not the case. These are all switch features, in particular, the switch that sits between your end devices and the first router. Here are the First Hop

IPv6 is the successor of IPv4 and the main reason we need it is because we are running out of IPv4 address space. IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses and offered us about 4.3 billion addresses, IPv6 offers 128-bit addresses so we have a huge amount of available addresses. These lessons will explain the basics of IPv6 and how to configure it on Cisco IOS routers.

Course Highlights

  • Your struggle is over! All IPv6 Topics As Simple As Possible!
  • Presented to you by instructor Rene Molenaar, CCIE #41726
  • Breaking down of each complex networking topic and explained step-by-step
  • Learn how to configure routers and switches
  • The best IPv6 tutorials you will find online


Make sure you are familiar with all IPv4 equivalent topics.

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