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  1. What would be the utility of this in real life?

  2. Hello Rene

    I have a simple question about this topic. About Router filter, its only when you want to block from this net to another upstream router, cause i can see if source and destination is in the same net (this example) they can forward traffic normaly or in some way router gives this information to switch to not consider this blocked multicast group. Thnkas for your asnwer.


  3. Hello Jose

    The IGMP filter function can be configured on both a router and a switch. When configured on a router, then yes, only multicast traffic between subnets are filtered. If you want to filter within the same subnet, then switches that have IGMP Snooping Filter capability can filter multicast traffic at ports, VLANs or SVIs.

    There is no communication between the router and the switch for such configurations. Each device is configured independently.

    I hope this has been helpful!


  4. According to Official Cert Guide, you can also filter IGMPv1 messages via the filter. How do you do this?

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