Course Description

6PE and 6VPE allow us to run IPv6 over an IPv4-only MPLS core where we use dual stack PE routers. On the PE routers, we use MP-BGP to exchange IPv6 prefixes and the LSP (Label Switched Path) is based on IPv4. This allows service providers to offer IPv6 to their customers without making major changes

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) is a mechanism that switches traffic based on labels instead of routing traffic. It’s typically seen in service provider networks and can transport pretty much everything…IP, IPv6, Ethernet, frame-relay, PPP. MPLS VPN is a popular technique to build VPNs for customers over the MPLS provider network.

Course Highlights

In this course you will learn:

  • Why we use MPLS.
  • What MPLS is and how it works.
  • What labels are and how they are used for forwarding.
  • How to configure different MPLS VPN L3 PE-CE scenarios.
  • How to tunnel protocols like Ethernet or frame-relay over the MPLS VPN network.
  • And many other topics…


  • Good understanding of IGPs like RIP, OSPF and EIGRP.
  • Good understanding of tunneling techniques like GRE.
  • Good understanding of BGP.

Course Schedule