Quality of Service

Course Description

Queuing mechanisms like LLQ are about managing the front of our queues. RED (Random Early Detection) is about managing the tail of our queue. When a queue is full, there is no room for any more packets and the router drops all packets. This is called tail drop. Data traffic is usually bursty so when

Quality of Service allows us to queue, limit, filter and make reservations for our network traffic. In these lessons you will find a variety of QoS topics.

Course Highlights

In this course you will learn:

  • How to classify the different applications on your network.
  • How to mark your IP packets and Ethernet frames for special treatment.
  • How to queue traffic and/or prioritize traffic.
  • How to limit your traffic rates using shaping and policing.
  • And many other topics…

Presented to you by instructor Rene Molenaar, CCIE #41726


You should be familiar with the basics of routing and switching.

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