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Forum Replies

  1. Hello,

    it was a great lesson very interesting!!!, when I lab ( had to use OER instead) it up, it worked but I came up with a couple of question.

    1. Delay statistics. Default policy is
        resolve delay priority 11 variance 20
        resolve utilization priority 12 variance 20
        and learn 

    using command show oer master border detail, only shows utilization, however in the policy it uses delay also, in fact is priority 11 more than 12 utilization, as in this lab the delay its the same is deciding with utilization, but delay has the highes

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  2. Hi Ignacio,

    If you lab this up, I highly recommend to use PfR. OER is pretty buggy and I had lots of issues with it.

    One command I can think of is show pfr master traffic-class detail:

    MC#show pfr master traffic-class detail 
    OER Prefix Statistics:
     Pas - Passive, Act - Active, S - Short term, L - Long term, Dly - Delay (ms),
     P - Percentage below threshold, Jit - Jitter (ms), 
     MOS - Mean Opinion Score
     Los - Packet Loss (percent/10000), Un - Unreachable (flows-per-million),
     E - Egress, I - Ingress, Bw - Bandwidth (kbps), N - Not applicable
     U - unknown, * - 
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