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Forum Replies

  1. Good timing! Do you recommend this router over the Digi cm32 ??

  2. Hi,

    Daft question but if I have a terminal server in my rack, octal cable going patched to all console ports for the devices I have

    How do I manage the terminal server from my PC without disrupting Internet access, do I need a dual NIC or can I simply run an extended rollover-to-usb cable from the terminal server’s console port to a spare usb slot on my desktop

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Hi @stig.the.legend

    I usually just use the same IP address, the username that I use to manage the terminal server doesn’t get the menu, just the console. If you are afraid that you might break something and lock yourself out, schedule a reload before you make any changes:

    Router#reload in 10
    Reload scheduled in 10 minutes by console
    Reload reason: Reload Command
    Proceed with reload? [confirm]

  4. hi rene
    I am using cisco asa 5505 i want to access cisco asa 5505 from terminal server cisco 2511 in asa i could not find any line con or line vty command what i have configure in cisco asa to access from 2511 like other routers and switches i could not find any thingt on internet i need your help please post me config for asa

  5. Hi,
    That very well explained, but I just have one question. This brief representation below is to give you an idea on I’m about to explain.
    R1->R2->X1, X2, X3
    We have one terminal server, Which R1 represent, set up in my workplace and I would like to use one octal cable to plug in another router, R2, which will have couple of switches(X1,X2,X3) connected to it for my CCNP switch practice. The issue I have is when I’m consoled into one of the switches and want to move to another switch, I usually type CTR+SHIFT+6 and then X, but this command send me back to the

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