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Forum Replies

  1. René,

    Congrats for share this excellent explanation!!! I’m from Brazil and I don’t have a good English, but I can understand each word, sentence that you used in this article. I never had understood about this subject, maybe because I really didn’t study it with attention and deeply. I’m a beginner Network Admin and when I saw this article in my feed I started to read it and understand it and I’m amazing how you can teach it like this way.

    But I have a doubt where I can’t see in examples above. Using this topology, if tomorrow for any reason Blue and Red make a

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  2. Hi Azm,

    Let me jump in on Cisco VIRL. I can highly recommend to run it in VMWare ESXi, it’s free and saves you the hassle of messing with network interfaces etc. Although I really like VIRL, I had some issues with updates that went wrong and deploying a new OVA template in ESXi is much easier than reinstalling a physical box.

    Look on eBay for an older server that has plenty of RAM and 2x CPUs or something like that.

    I still use an HP proliant DL360 G7 with 96GB of RAM which is great for Cisco VIRL:

    $325 for 8 physical cores (16 with hyperthreading) and 64GB R

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  3. Hi,
    i’m bulding a lab for a POC and need some advise.


                           -                              -
                           -        Firewall        -         
                           -                              - 
                                         |         int E0/0 (
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  4. Hello,
    thank you for replying.
    I found a way around. Simillar to this: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/ip-routing/200158-Configure-Route-Leaking-between-Global-a.html
    However this isn’t really a good approach and only a workaround.

    Intial the approach with MP-MGP didn’t come to my attention as wasn’t planning to use BGP in the network.
    What i overlooked is that you don’t need any BGP neighbors !
    I managed to use MP-MGP now, which i ways easiers and my lab is working now.

    Many thanks,

  5. Hello Laz and community,

    I would like to add my comment on this topic. For devices like ASRs or Nexus 3k/5k/7k/9k, they come with a default VRF specifically for management traffic (usually Gig0 interface is assigned to this VRF).

    For Nexus, it’s called “management” and for ASRs it’s called “Mgmt-intf”.
    One more thing, if you try to assign another interface under these VRFs, you will get an error message. The management interface (Gig0) is the only one allowed to be a member of these VRFs


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