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Forum Replies

  1. Hi,
    If the tunnel interfaces are in same network why did you advertised again in EIGRP?


  2. Hi Rene,

    First thanks a lot for all that great work you are doing :-).

    I have a drama going on right now and I could not isolate the root cause of the problem.


    on my Hub the GRE Tunnel interface stat UP/Down - I am using cisco appliances running Version 12.2(8r).
    Can you please help ?

    Router_1#show ip inter br
    Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol
    FastEthernet0/0 unassigned YES TFTP up down
    Serial0/0 unassigned YES NVRAM administratively do

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  3. Hi Mohammad,

    With DMVPN phase 1, it is straight-forward. All traffic (including spoke-to-spoke traffic) always goes through the hub.


  4. Hi Rene,
    Could you please check the exact cause of this error. getting following error in spoke router.

    *Dec 14 11:56:50.720: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: EIGRP-IPv4 45678: Neighbor (Tunnel0) is down: Peer Termination received
    *Dec 14 11:56:54.320: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: EIGRP-IPv4 45678: Neighbor (Tunnel0) is up: new adjacency
    *Dec 14 11:56:54.364: %ADJ-5-PARENT: Midchain parent maintenance for IP midchain out of Tunnel0, addr - looped chain attempting to stack”


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  5. Hi Abdus,

    This message:

    %ADJ-5-PARENT: Midchain parent maintenance for IP midchain out of Tunnel0

    Is usually a recursive routing issue. Your router is probably learning the NBMA address through the tunnel interface, which is why it collapses.

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