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Forum Replies

  1. Hello Rene,
    about access-list, I have to read in this way: for prefix
    my local router in which run ospf,rip and Eigrp have to put in routing table that one learned by Rip…is it correct my reasoning?
    well we use access-list to permit that prefix is handle only by rip?

  2. I don’t get this:

    James(config-router)#distance 70 MY_PREFIXES

    What is the meaning of

  3. Hi Crytsuone, refers to all networks. If we wouldn’t specify the access-list, the AD would change for all networks.


  4. Hi David,

    Good question. Administrative distance is always local…it’s never shared between routers.


  5. Hi Robert,

    It is possible but you might have to get a bit creative. You could IP SLA and conditional advertising. Here’s an example I created once for RIP:

    RIP Reliable Default Route

    You can do something similar for OSPF or EIGRP.


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