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  1. Unfortunately those ethertype values leave out a lot of important stuff, especially within the CCIEv4 and v5 context. I will repeat a couple here for completeness.

    0x800 = IPv4
    0x86DD = IPv6
    0x8100 = 802.1Q encapsulation (including dot1q-tunneling)
    0x806 = IPv4 ARP
    0x8863 = PPPoE discovery
    0x8864 = PPPoE session
    0x8847 = MPLS unicast
    0x8848 = MPLS multicast

  2. The Cisco documentation path to the IBM Bridging version of Ethernet Type Codes is:

    Products - IOS/NX-OS - IOS - 12.2 Family - 12.2 Mainline - Release 12.2 - Cisco IOS Bridging and IBM Networking Command Reference, Volume 1 of 2, Release 12.2 (under Command References section) - Appendix - Ethernet Type Codes

    This has the IPv6 entry of 86DD, but not the 88xx ones mentioned above in Nick Russo’s comment. There is a 15.x version of this too, but it doesn’t even have the IPv6 entry - strange.

  3. And the Regular Expressions page is also available under IOS 15.3, using the same path you mentioned above (minus the Appendixes step).

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