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  1. hi Rene
    at the beginning of the lab, i wasn’t able to issue the following commands

    SwitchA(config)#interface fa0/17
    SwitchA(config-if)#standby 1 ip

    the thing is SwitchA does not have the option standby under interface, not unless i convert this interface as a layer 3 int with command “no switchport”, then it has the option, but when i try to type the following command

    standby 1 ip

    then it give me the error that overlaps with vlan 1, and this is because the layer 3 interface does not belong to any vlan, can you please advice.

    or should i

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  2. Hi Ramon,

    You can only use configure HSRP / VRRP / GLBP on “routed” (L3) interfaces, not on switchports (L2 interfaces).

    You have two options:

    1. Configure the standby commands on the VLAN interface, all switchports that are in the same VLAN will be able to reach the virtual IP address.


    1. Make a switchport a “routed” interface by using “no switchport” and configure the standby commands on this interface. In this case only devices that are connected to this interface will be able to reach the virtual IP address.

    The reason you get the overlapping error is beca

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  3. Hi Srini,

    That’s right, by default HSRP disables ICMP redirects but since IOS 12.1(3)T you can enable it.

    ICMP redirects are used when a host uses a router as its default gateway while there is a better path. For example, let’s say we have a subnet with one host and two routers; R1 and R2.

    R2 has a default route to the Internet, R1 has a default route to R2. When the host uses R1 as its default gateway then R1 will send ICMP redirects to the host to tell it to use R2 instead.

    When you would redirect hosts away from your HSRP routers then there’s no point using

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  4. Rene,
    Hi. Couple questions/validations when you have time.

    1. I know it is best practice to have the HSRP hold timer be at least 3x’s the hello, but I did some lab testing and it appeared to work ok for instance with the hold time 2x’s the hello. Is this expected - is the idea just to have the hold time be large enough to not cause an unnecessary transition and that is what Cisco found to be best practice?
    2. What are the benefits of HSRP v2 over v1 - is it just the increased number of HSRP group numbers supported?
    3. If I have more than two routers that are part of th
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  5. Hello Florian!

    Let’s begin with Cisco’s explanation and we’ll go from there. Cisco says that this command:

    Sets the priority level used to select the active router in an HSRP group. The level range is from 0 to 255. The default is 100. Optionally, sets the upper and lower threshold values used by vPC to determine when to fail over to the vPC trunk. The lower-value range is from 1 to 255. The default is 1. The upper-value range is from 1 to 255. The default is 255.

    (See http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/unicast/configuration/

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