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Forum Replies

  1. Rene,

    Based on the below entry:
    "Above you can see that R2 is receiving the RP announcement traffic from R1. Let’s check R3:

    R3#show ip mroute | begin 224
    (*,, 00:05:28/00:01:57, RP, flags: DC
      Incoming interface: Null, RPF nbr
      Outgoing interface list:
        GigabitEthernet0/2, Forward/Sparse, 00:05:28/00:01:57
    (*,, 00:27:34/stopped, RP, flags: DPL
      Incoming interface: Null, RPF nbr
      Outgoing interface list: Null
    (,, 00:04:29/00:02:29, flags: PLT
      <strong>Incoming interface: 
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  2. @Hans redundancy is no problem but you should configure multiple RPs AND multiple mapping agents. Otherwise a single mapping agent is your single point of failure.

    @Abhishek CGMP is pretty old so it’s possible that this command is not even needed in your network. It’s used for within your L2 domain:


    The ip pim passive command means that the switch/router won’t send any PIM messages on its interface, it will also not accept any PIM messages from other devices. It force

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  3. Hello Parajuli

    Although Rene doesn’t go into details in the lesson, a router is configured as a mapping agent using the following command:

    ip pim send-rp-discovery

    You can find out more about this command at this Cisco Command Reference Documentation (search for ip pim send-rp-discovery.

    It is possible to configure two or more mapping agents within a network. Each will function independently. Engineers often misunderstand how multiple mapping agents interact and often believe that there is more complexity to such a configuration than there really is. Receiv

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  4. Hello Deep

    Routers will only play the role of a RP or an MA if they are statically configured as such. Specifically, to configure a router as a candidate RP and thus to have it announce itself as such, the following command must be present:

    ip pim send-rp-announce

    To configure a router as an MA the following command must be present:

    ip pim send-rp-discovery

    The above are configured on R1 and R2 respectively. R4 is not configured to announce itself as an RP so it will not do so. R4 does however recieve the information from the mapping agent because of the fol

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