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  1. Hi Rene, good work :slight_smile:

    I totally agree with your list but I would add perhaps the best book ever written from ciscopress:

    The CCNP Practical Switching ---- Justin Menga - was written in 2003 but it is so great that it is still useful ! I’ve never read anything better … I do not understand why it is almost unknown …

    For the method and strategies the best book is CCIE R/S by Bruce Caslow – out of date but the strategy (checklist - spot the issue - analisys skills ) is amazing !

  2. I have a question…does the date a book is published influence your decision whether or not to read it? A couple of the books on this list were written in the early 2000s. Is the information still relevant? I know OSPF probably hasnt undergone major changes in the past decade, but I cant help but wonder…

  3. Good Morning RENE,

    In preparing for RS V5, is rank rentals better compared to building a lab in GNS3

  4. Amit,
    Rene has an incredible YouTube video about CCIE preparation. In it, he says the Official Cert Guide should only be used towards the end as a final review. His point is that the material on the CCIE is so vast, it can’t possibly fit into a single volume. Don’t rely on it in any way as a primary source of knowledge.

    Here’s the YouTube video:

  5. Hi rene thanks for sharing this.

    I see the book Developing IP Multicast Networks is pretty old, I found IP Multicast, Volume I: Cisco IP Multicast Networking newer with IGMPv4 and multicast for IPv6. My question Who is the better one?

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