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Forum Replies

  1. Ok, Hi everyone just joined the site.

    I want to make sure that my brain understands this. It’s like you slice and dice and hopefully everything comes out right. So say I have this already as my prefix list: le 32

    Now say I want to include another network. So I want the following two networks in one prefix-list. and, I want these covered by one prefix list.

    So I figure that this will fit within the scope of these two networks.

    2 will be size of subnets:

    0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
    12 and 13 — this fits just right.
    14, 16, 18 et

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  2. I was so confused by this at first. I know its simple but its also a brain teaser for some reason.
    first I pulled up my boson subnet tool its free tool by the way on the Boson.com (just need to create an account) website. At first I was thinking that first two bits mean the first two spots _ _ thinking it could be anything from 0 to 192 that it did not matter if it was a zero or a one. However after putting into the subnet calculator it helped me to see.

    The next really helpful thing for me was when I went ahead and enabled the command with distribute-

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  3. Rene,

    I currently have set up R2 connected to R4.
    R4 is advertising in EIGRP: ( ( (

    I’m simply just practicing with prefix-list and wanted to filter out the /30 /29 /28 routes, and only advertise the /24

    On R4 I have done:

    R4(config#) ip prefix-list test deny ge 28 le 30
    R4(config#) ip prefix-list test permit le 32
    R4(config-router#) distribute-list test out serial0/0/0

    However, R2 is still showing all of the above mentioned rout

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  4. I have been going crazy trying to figure this out the past 24 hours. Finally figured out that I was leaving out the keyword ‘prefix’ in my “distribute-list” command syntax. Basically the distribute-list was looking for an ACL (that never existed) because I didn’t specify ‘prefix’ in the command. A little more tricky since leaving out ‘prefix’ is an acceptable command. It’s working as it should now :grinning:

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