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  1. Rene is correct. I also recommend rack rentals. It was my #1 method of study and worked very well. I did not waste time doing setup, and managed to go from never-touched-a-router to CCIE in 26 months.

  2. Hi Rene,

    Can you suggest the desktop requirement if I want to run CCIE lab ( from 20 to 30 routers) on ESXi and also on GNS3?
    What is the recommended RAM size and hard disk space for a smooth performance on a desktop for the above purpose?
    Also do we need a server for this or desktop is fine? Also please give any other recommendation if you have in mind when buying a new laptop specially for a CCIE lab preparation.


  3. Hello Nanu,

    If it’s for CCIE R&S preparation, I would highly recommend Cisco’s VIRL. You’ll have the latest IOS versions and it supports L2 switching, it’s similar to what is used in the lab. Cisco has a resource calculator for VIRL:

    You will use the IOSv image most of the time, that’s the Cisco IOS router. Each router requires about 512MB of RAM so that’s ~10GB of RAM for 20 routers. They also recommend 6-7 CPU cores for this. My VIRL installation uses about 40GB of hard disk space.

    I would recommend to run it in VMware, you co

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  4. Hi Rene

    Thanks for your sharing your experience about establish VIRL at server.
    Also I prepare to make it since the I can do R&S lab test at anytime. Could you please suggest the best way or share your experience to remote the server at other location? Because my public ip is not fixed so cannot use it by remote desktop. Currently, the solution is install the teamviewer at server for remote control. Thank you.

  5. If this helps anyone, I have completely reconstructed a CCNP TSHOOT Lab which consists of quite a few devices using 5 real Cisco Switches and 4 NIC cards on one PC while mixing it all with GNS3 :slight_smile:

    I was even able to write some simple pythonic script on a docker with a tftpd-hpa server configured on it. The script would have loaded a randomly selected configuration and run config replace on a specific device and than I would have tried to fix that :smiley:

    It has allowed me to pass my CCNP TSHOOT exam within a week from my CCNP SWITCH and now I finally am CCNP :stuck_out_tongue:

    The quest

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