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Forum Replies

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I have a question regarding the " Static VRF routes" defined under the MP-BGP section. I believe they should look like this:

    ISP(config)#ip route vrf BLUE
    ISP(config)#ip route vrf RED

    Instead of:

    ISP(config)#ip route vrf RED
    ISP(config)#ip route vrf BLUE

    Am I missing something or this is just a typo?

    Many thanks!

  2. do you can ping source on router Red1 ? i can not do that

  3. Hello Jose

    Yes, you are correct. Rene states that:

    Now we can worry about getting the routes into each other’s VRF. For each VRF, I will create a static route that points to the loopback 0 interface of the other VRF:

    The commands are correct in the configurations however, so yes, it should be as you suggest. I will let @ReneMolenaar know.

    Thanks for catching that!


  4. You are absolutely correct, not sure how I ended up with that in the configs as the show output does show the correct output. It has been fixed.

  5. Hmm

    I’m going to get Rene to take a look at this. Another set of eyes may see something that was missed…


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