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  • Content created by Rene Molenaar (CCIE #41726)


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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Rene,

    Would you please let me know why this post is not shown in your official book HOW TO MASTER CCNP .

    This is not the only article which is not shown in the book ? why the book is not updated in the same manner of the website ?

    I evaluated the website 100% , but the book has some missing information if we compared to the website.

    Can you please let me know . The version of the book has been buy from amazon.com and it is printed on 2015 .

  2. Hi Rene,

    I have a solid understanding on how IP SLA works would you be able to break down threshold a little more for me. In a lot of configurations I see it configured to the same parameter as the timeout command. Would you also be able to provide an example using threshold

    thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Juan,

    Let’s say we have a WAN connection that we use for VoIP traffic and we want to monitor if there’s a maximum one way delay of 150 ms.

    With IP SLA, you can set the threshold to 150 ms and the timeout to a larger value…perhaps 1000 ms.

    When you exceed the 150 ms threshold, it shows up in IP SLA monitor. It’s probably something that you want to check even though there is no “failure” at the moment. If you don’t get a reply within 1000 ms, we get a timeout which means that something is probably wrong with the WAN link (or the device on the other end).

    Does this help?

  4. Thank you, I appreciate your quick reply Laz.

  5. Hi Rene,
    sometimes I saw the log output below in my router log, and experience a slowness in the network, could you please explain it to me and what to look for.

    Feb  4 08:00:39.636: %TRACK-6-STATE: 11166 ip sla 11166 state Up -> Down
    Feb  4 08:00:40.548: %TRACK-6-STATE: 1116 list threshold percentage Up -> Down
    Feb  4 08:01:24.636: %TRACK-6-STATE: 11166 ip sla 11166 state Down -> Up
    Feb  4 08:01:25.576: %TRACK-6-STATE: 1116 list threshold percentage Down -> Up
    Feb  4 08:45:29.659: %TRACK-6-STATE: 11161 ip sla 11161 state Up -> Down
    Feb  4 08:45:29.659: %TRACK-
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