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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Rene, great post!

    I am looking for a route-map quite difficult to apply to my BGP.

    The target is to filter packets with an specific source network and all loopbacks within a specific destination range. I have tried it with a route-map with an ACL for the source network and a prefix-list for the destinations and a set policy to route it to a next-hop pointing to null but it is not allowed…

    % prefix-list and access-list can not co-exist in one route-map sequence.

    Any idea how can I achieve this?

  2. Hello Jose Luis,

    This will be difficult. You can use a route-map in combination with BGP for inbound or outbound filtering. For example, when you receive routes, you can use a route-map to permit/deny the routes you want to install. When you advertise routes, you can use a route-map to define the routes that you want to advertise to your peer.

    When you want to filter traffic based on source and/or destination addresses, you need different tools like access-lists and apply those to interfaces or use something like CBAC/ZBF.


  3. Rene
    I have a route-map issue maybe you canhelp
    how many route maps can you have within BGP pointing to a peer?
    The reason I ask this is I have currently 2 route maps which prefix list on a 25. X network
    and I am migrating to the 10.X network

  4. Hi together,
    As I red through your Introduction, there was one thing I missed.
    It was the following:

    Which logical operation (AND; OR) gets used in the following scenarios:

    Scenario 1:
    route-map TEST-MAP permit 10
    match ip address ACL1 ACL2

    Scenario 2:
    route-map TEST-MAP permit 10
    match ip address ACL1
    match ip next-hop ACL2

    The following article described it but I want to be sure that I’m right with my assumption:
    Scenario 1 = Logical OR (either of the ACLs need to have a match)
    Scenario 2 = Logical AND (bo

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  5. Hello Marcel

    Take a look at this Cisco Documentation:


    On page 20-2 it states the following:

    • If several match commands are present in a clause, all must succeed for a given route in order for that route to match the clause (in other words, the logical AND algorithm is applied for multiple match commands).
    • If a match command refers to several objects in one command, either of them should match (the logical OR algorithm is applied). For example, in the match ip add
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