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Forum Replies

  1. Great stuff Rene,

    This tshoot is the ones to push our hairs out. Is very hard to spot. But on the other hand is very hard for 2 neighbors to have the same ID. But the debug was a Abracadabra on this story. Nice article. Will wait for more on eigrp if there is more. :slight_smile:

    Mauro P

  2. Hi Mauro,

    This is indeed a pain to troubleshoot, it’s not the first thing you would think of. There’s a small chance that you would encounter this on a production network…it’s a typical troubleshooting scenario for a lab.

    More EIGRP material is on the way…


  3. This is why I signed up for this site. “show ip eigrp events” is very useful.
    Thanks Rene and Laz for your contents

  4. Hi,

    In the lesson, you stated that this issue is seen with redistribution but at lab I used only ‘network’ not redistribution and R1 again can not learn the route? Can we say when the eigrp router ids’ are same, there is no way to learn a route from the neigbor router?

    Router2#sh run | s r ei
    router eigrp 12
     eigrp router-id
    Router2#sh ip ei
    Router2#sh ip eigrp topo
    EIGRP-IPv4 Topology Table for AS(12)/ID(
    Codes: P - Passive, A - Active, U - Update, Q - Query, R - 
    ... Continue reading in our forum

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