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Forum Replies

  1. bgp log-neighbor-changes
    This command simply causes a message to displayed to the console or in the event log that a status has changed with one of your established BGP neighbors. This is very useful for an administrator to know.

    no synchronization
    This can be considered a legacy command now, because in modern IOS the “no synchronization” is on by default. The explanation of this is a bit long. Your best bet is to review the synchronization lesson.

    In a nutshell, the purpose for Synchronization rule was back when many internal routers didn’t have the CPU and

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  2. Hi Rene,
    I really appreciate your nice explanation. I love the way you explained the things. I have one confusion in below statement.
    "When two EBGP routers that are directly connected do not form a working BGP neighbor adjacency there could be a number of things that are wrong:

    _Layer 2 down preventing us from reaching the other side._
    _Layer 3 issue: wrong IP address on one of the routers._
    _Access-list blocking TCP port 179 (BGP)._
    _Wrong IP address configured for BGP neighbor router."

    What do you mean by layer 2 down preventing us from reaching the other si

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  3. I was reading through this and then got to the trouble section on BGP Summarization. I had never really thought about it before as I have not had to configure it in the real world though I am sure I have came across it but was no problems with it so did not take any notice.

    I studied CCNP Switch and Route and I don’t ever remember coming across summarization for BGP. I then did a DDG (DuckDuckGo my google replacement search engine) search on a line of code you had in there called aggregate-address.

    Now normally when I thought about aggregate I thought about

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  4. Thank you for replying Rene.
    I understand how time consuming this could be to make videos for great topics.
    Your website has a lot of good contents.
    The videos are easy to follow and allow me to follow your labs.
    Reading the content can be challenging and that is why I sent my last comment.
    Great work on all your topic but the videos are what brought me here in the first place.

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