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  1. Hello Rene,

    I was reading an article about Netflow specific to IOS XE. I read a few terms called :

    1. Netflow Monitor
    2. Flow record
    3. netflow exporter

    can you please help in understanding how they are separate from each other ?


  2. Hi Diana,

    It's best to check the NTOP website for this. I used NTOP since it's open source and available to everyone.

    If I would write about NTOP, the information is probably outdated in a few months.


  3. Hi Gents,

    Can netflow be configured on a dialer interface?

  4. Hello Ian

    Yes, it is possible to configure netflow on a dialer interface. Just keep in mind that whenever you do so, you must also configure netflow on the associated virtual interface as well. This is because the dialer interface will send ONLY outbound traffic to the netflow server while the virtual interface will send ONLY inbound traffic. This is because of the nature of the relationship between dialer and virtual interfaces. According to Cisco:

    This is the expected behaviour. Traffic leaves the router via the Dialer interface, as dictated by the IP routing table. Traffic enters the router via the Virtual-Access interface.

    This is just the way Cisco has implemented routing via dialer interfaces.

    I hope this has been helpful!


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