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  • Content created by Rene Molenaar (CCIE #41726)


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Forum Replies

  1. Hello Rene

    How do you use the glass server?

  2. bear83 says:

    Hi Rene,

    i'm new to bgp and i really appreciate your lesson.

    Why R2 show only one path to
    I would expect another path with nexthop and AS 1 3 4 as path signed valid but not the best, like R3 does.


  3. Hello Rene,
    I have a question and I am going to use the below topology for the question.

    Here Let's say my AS is 100 and I am connected to two different AS numbers 200 and 300. I am also getting default routes from both of them(from AS 300 and AS 200). My BGP table for default route looks like this:

    According to the BGP table, I have 2 available routes for and number 2 is the best route. My question is "why both of the routes have (received & used) beside them?". I thought only best route would have (received & used) beside it.

    Please shed some light on it.
    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,
    Azm Uddin

  4. Hello Azm

    It may be possible that you have the neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound command enabled on your router. According to Cisco:

    The neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound command causes the router to store all received (inbound) routing policy updates without modification, for example, a duplicate table is stored in the memory for each peer. This method is memory-intensive and not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

    The (received and used usually indicates that the prefix from a soft-reconfiguration-enabled peer was not filtered so it is placed into the regular BGP table. But it is not necessarily the best path.

    Check your config and get back to us!

    I hope this has been helpful!


  5. Hey Laz,
    You are absolutely correct. Just tested that in the lab and it was exactly what you said.
    EXCELLENT !!!!!!

    Without Soft -reconfiguration

    with Soft-reconfiguration


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