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  1. Hi Apostolis,

    The short answer is that you will probably see more OSPF than EIGRP since OSPF is an "open standard" and EIGRP only runs on Cisco devices. Cisco submitted EIGRP to IETF to become an open standard as well so maybe in the future you'll see it on other vendor routers and it might become a bit more popular...

    You'll see multi-area OSPF when you have larger networks that require summarization (since OSPF can only summarize between areas).

    Also, keep in mind that it really depends on the job what you will encounter. If you work on the internal network of a company you'll be doing mostly "switching" and some inter-vlan routing. If you work at an ISP you'll be doing more routing stuff.


  2. Hi Tarik,

    Have you seen this article? Most of it applies to CCNP SWITCH as well:


    If you are on a budget, get 2x 2950 and 1x 3550. The 2950s are the cheapest layer 2 switches and the 3550 is the cheapest layer 3 switch you can get. These 3 switches will let you practice vlans, trunking, spanning-tree and routing. If you have some more money to spend, take a look at the 2960 (replacement for 2950) and 3560 (replacement for 3550). These switches have a different QoS mechanism which is useful if you plan to study QoS someday. The 3560 is also great for CCIE R&S (version 4 not sure about version 5 which will be live in June 2014).


  3. Hello Rene,

    I have a question please If you can help me.

    How can i check the port are healthy or not defective on a switch Cisco IOS Software, C2960S Software (C2960S-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE5

    What command will show that ? is it show tech command ? if yes , which of them please.

    Thank you

  4. I'm preparing for CCNP ROUTE. I do understand that I can do the big part of the labs with GNS3. I did a nice Client/Server deployment of GNS3. Client is Win7 and Server is VmwareESXi. It is working fine ; as far I do not need to do a lab using a Software on Windows.

    Couple a years a go, for CCNA ; I did be able to connect a PC (Win XP) to the GNS3 topology, by using MSLoopbackAdapter. Actually ; with my Win7 Client, I can not make it work. Things seem to be more complicated in a Client/Server deployment of GNS3.

    Could someone explain how is the good and safe way for connecting a PC (Win7) to a GNS3 topology (running Remote on a ESXi server) ?

  5. I do not any lesson on MULTICAST topic. Does that topic belong to CCNP ?

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