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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Romeo,

    There are many things to learn about BGP. If you are completely new to it then you might like some of my blog posts that I wrote a long time ago:

    I’ll revise these sometime in the future.


  2. Hi Rene,
    1st of all thank you for all of your precious writings.

    I started reading your BGP blog. But im struggling to find an easy way to start with BGP. Because topics are scattered all over the place. Can’t figure out which topics I should read first. Can you please help and show me the correct order that i should follow to become a BGP guru.

    Thank you

  3. Hello Rene,
    I seem to be having a problem with some of your labs, specifically where you have to configure a loopback. I keep getting a bad mask /24 when I try to configure loopbacks on my routers. I cannot get this lab to work. My router will not accept /24. I tried the ip subnet-zero command but it doesn’t work either. Any suggestions/ideas?

  4. Hi @williebrown2463,

    If you get this message, it means you are entering a network address instead of an IP address. is a network address…

    * = network address
    * up to 254 are host addresses
    * = broadcast address

    For R1, try using :slight_smile:


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