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Forum Replies

  1. what is address-family?

  2. with named mode, are we supposed to do route summary at interface level (old style) or it is should be done under af-interface?

  3. Hi All,

    GNS3 is supporting it features with 7200 model Version 15.2(4)S3.

    I have tested it.


  4. Hi William,

    Under topology base you will find commands that have to do with the EIGRP topology table. Stuff like redistribution, filtering, etc. Here's an overview of all commands:

    R1(config-router)#router eigrp TEST                               
    R1(config-router)#address-family ipv4 unicast autonomous-system 1 
    R1(config-router-af)#topology base                                  
    Address Family Topology configuration commands:
      auto-summary         Enable automatic network number summarization
      cts                  EIGRP Trustsec Configuration
      default              Set a command to its defaults
      default-information  Control distribution of default information
      default-metric       Set metric of redistributed routes
      distance             Define an administrative distance
      distribute-list      Filter entries in eigrp updates
      eigrp                EIGRP specific commands
      exit-af-topology     Exit from Address Family Topology configuration mode
      maximum-paths        Forward packets over multiple paths
      metric               Modify metrics and parameters for advertisement
      no                   Negate a command or set its defaults
      offset-list          Add or subtract offset from EIGRP metrics
      redistribute         Redistribute IPv4 routes from another routing protocol
      snmp                 Modify snmp parameters
      summary-metric       Specify summary to apply metric/filtering
      timers               Adjust topology specific timers
      topo-interface       Enter Topology interface configuration
      traffic-share        How to compute traffic share over alternate paths
      variance             Control load balancing variance


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