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Forum Replies

  1. I agree, it’s nice to configure everything under 1 process.

  2. what is address-family?

  3. with named mode, are we supposed to do route summary at interface level (old style) or it is should be done under af-interface?

  4. Hi William,

    Under topology base you will find commands that have to do with the EIGRP topology table. Stuff like redistribution, filtering, etc. Here’s an overview of all commands:

    R1(config-router)#router eigrp TEST                               
    R1(config-router)#address-family ipv4 unicast autonomous-system 1 
    R1(config-router-af)#topology base                                  
    Address Family Topology configuration commands:
      auto-summary         Enable automatic network number summarization
      cts                  EIGRP Trustsec Configuration
      default              Set a command to its defaults
      default-information  Control distribution of default information
      default-metric       Set metric of redistributed routes
      distance             Define an administrative distance
      distribute-list      Filter entries in eigrp updates
      eigrp                EIGRP specific commands
      exit-af-topology     Exit from Address Family Topology configuration mode
      maximum-paths        Forward packets over multiple paths
      metric               Modify metrics and parameters for advertisement
      no                   Negate a command or set its defaults
      offset-list          Add or subtract offset from EIGRP metrics
      redistribute         Redistribute IPv4 routes from another routing protocol
      snmp                 Modify snmp parameters
      summary-metric       Specify summary to apply metric/filtering
      timers               Adjust topology specific timers
      topo-interface       Enter Topology interface configuration
      traffic-share        How to compute traffic share over alternate paths
      variance             Control load balancing variance


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