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  1. Renee - Can you possibly give an example of a message that we would see regarding each severity level or an action that would result in us seeing 0-7


  2. sims says:

    If I choose logging level 3 , means the log contains 3 and below ?

  3. andrew says:

    You are correct! When you choose a particular logging level, you are essentially choosing the LEAST severity you are interested in. Everything that is at the level you chose and more severe are included. In your example, you chose Level 3 (Error). This means you will get all of the following and nothing else:

    Level 0 (Emergency)
    Level 1 (Alert)
    Level 2 (Critical)
    Level 3 (Error)

  4. With show logging history you can’t verify the setting of logging buffered severity. This can be done with show logging itself, show logging history shows the setting of logging history severity

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