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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Rene,

    I think that in configuration there is missing a static route to each of the peer’s loopback addresses.


  2. Hi,

    I have a problem in R1 he doesn’t create any neighbor relationship:

    These are the logs:

    *Jul  9 17:58:35.187: BGP: ses global (0x655EF9CC:0) act Reset (Active open failed).
    *Jul  9 17:58:35.199: BGP: active went from Active to Idle
    *Jul  9 17:58:35.199: BGP: nbr global Active open failed - open timer running
    *Jul  9 17:58:35.203: BGP: nbr global Active open failed - open timer running

    Example for R3 but it’s the same for R2 and R4:

    router bgp 1
     bgp log-neighbor-changes
     neighbor R2_R3_R4 peer-group
     neighbor R2_R3_R4 ebgp-multihop 2
     neighbor R2_R3_R4 update-source Loopback0
     neighbor remote-as 2
     neighbor peer-group R2_R3_R4
     neighbor remote-as 3
     neighbor peer-group R2_R3_R4
     neighbor remote-as 4
     neighbor peer-group R2_R3_R4
  3. Hi Zeko,

    I just added the static routes to the post, those are indeed required.

    Which exact commands did you remove? Do you still have your final config?

  4. still not working how can they become ebgp nei if R1 using his src ip add as its loopack and R2,R3 n R4 using their src ip add as their physical interfaces …

    and by the way u added the static route for R 3 wd wrong next hop maybe
    R3(config)#ip route the next hope must be

  5. Hi Zeko,

    I see it now, the final configs of R2, R3, and R4 were wrong. They have to use as the destination and source BGP from their own loopbacks. Just fixed this. Sorry for the confusion!


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