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  1. Its been awhile and I just wanted to refresh memory on how initially configure the switch. Particularly L2 switch. Most are L3 these days but nevertheless. This was the only article related I was able to find and I feel a couple of things are missing, particularly those that I had questions about. Thats:
    default gateway probably should be included, showing also difference for L3 config as is in the lesson, but also for L2 which is different because its, well, just l2 switch;

    so on L2 switch how do we assign management IP address? Can we even create a SVI on pur

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  2. Hello again Vadim, nice to see you here!

    No need to apologize about asking questions, that’s what we’re here for, to answer them as best we can!

    The only way you can access the switch using SSH or Telnet is via an IP address that has been assigned to an SVI. An L2 switch does indeed have SVIs and you can actually configure

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