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  1. Dear Adrian,

    I’d have to check it but I think this is because it is an evaluation license we are using.


  2. Dear Rene,

    How Could I know if IOS support BFD or it need License . in what category BFD exist ?

  3. Roughly what cost are we looking at for a licence? What does an older IOS cost?

  4. Hi Maher,
    let me clarify some thing, because i faced this issue before an i opened a TAC case with cisco team.

    for examole (cme-srst license)–for voice enabled router-- it is (right to use ) and you can enable it on the router and the router will show you that it is evaluation license and will expire after 8 weeks but it will be continue and never expired even if the router is reloaded.

    for example (seck9 license), it is evaluation license and not Right to use. you can enable it on the router but it will expire after 8 weeks. so you must purchase a license for seck9 feature.

  5. Hello again Mahmoud

    What you describe for the voice and security licenses makes sense. Keep the following in mind:

    RTU or Right to Use licenses are licenses that use the “honour system” that is, they will always function even if their evaluation period has expired. This follows Cisco’s traditional IOS licensing scheme where the license is not tied down to a serial number or UDI (Unique Device Identifier). This is why even after a reboot, the feature continues to function.

    Evaluation licenses can be enabled, but they will expire after the evaluation period. The functionality will stop working after the evaluation period is over. As you state, the feature must be purchased in order to continue using it.

    I hope this has been helpful!


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