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  1. Hello
    For cell switching Data add to the cell have to be fix size and the same for all cell or can be different? like first cell 100 second cell 150.

  2. Hi Heng,

    The cell size is a fixed length, it doesn’t change.


  3. Hi Rene,
    If possible so please define and explain Circuit switching, I am confused.

  4. Hello Muhammad

    An excellent example of circuit switching can be found in the traditional telephony network. Until the mid 1980s, before digital telephone switches were in widespread use, telephony systems used mechanical switching. When you picked up the phone and dialed, telephone switches along the path between you and the party you called would whir into action and psychically connect wires and connectors in such a way that a physical circuit would be created between your phone and the called party’s phone. The following diagram illustrates this:


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  5. Thanks Lazaros, Nice explanation.

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