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  1. Hi Rene,

    can we boot the IOS from TFTP for a switch? in this case, do we use the same configuration register to have the switch load the new image? thanks

  2. Hi Laz. Thanks for the reply

    You said that there is no configuration register that tells the router to search for the IOS image from a TFTP server. However, Rene mentioned in the lesson that the boot system command is half of the story and we need to set the configuration register to 0x210F. Please read boot from network section. I am confused now!!!

  3. Thanks Laz. My question now is can we do the same for the switch? I know we can use the boot system tftp command but do we need to change the configuration register?


  4. Hello Hany.

    I believe I answered that in the previous post. The quick answer is yes, Here is an excerpt of my previous answer.

    Just to clarify, configuration registers do not play a role in this procedure.

    I hope this has been helpful!


  5. Hi Laz,

    If i understand correctly, we need to change the configuration register on a ROUTER so it takes the new boot command into consideration but we do not need to do the same on a SWITCH. in other words, using the command boot system tftp is sufficient on SWITCHES. am i right?

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