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Forum Replies

  1. When you login to a router or switch how can you tell if someone applied the confreg 0x2142 command,but didn’t set the device back to the config-register 0x2102?

  2. Is it possible to perform password recovery without losing configurations?

  3. Alexis,
    Yes, the standard procedure for recovering a password does not cause you to lose your startup configuration information. The exact procedure differs slightly for different products, so I will use a 2900 series router as an example below.

    A high level overview of the process is:
    -Attach the terminal cable to the console port
    -Reboot the router and issue a BREAK during the boot
    -Change the configuration register so that the device boots to ROMMON (usually 0x2142)
    -Issue the Reset command at the rommon> prompt
    Important Step for your Q

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  4. Hello Abhishek.

    Yes, that is correct. The startup-config remains intact when you boot the router in ROMMON mode.


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