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  1. Hi Rene,

    A good understanding of ethernet for beginners like me, this helps me so much in my workplace. The explanations with real pictures of device make me clear understanding of concepts
    Thank you

  2. Hi Rene,
    There are 2 types of Ethernet framing: 802.3 and Ethernet II.

    according to cisco “Ethernet II is the Ethernet frame format used in TCP/IP networks.” So what about the 802.3 Frame ? I’m not really able to find any explanation…
    Thank you in advance and regards.


  3. Hello Mohammad

    Yes, there are several types of Ethernet framing, two of which are the most common that you mention above.

    Ethernet II has a two byte EtherType field that identifies the upper layer protocol (e.g. IP) that encapsulates the frame. For example, a value of 0x0800 indicates an IPv4 packet while a value of 0x0806 indicates an ARP frame.

    The IEEE 802.3 standard changes the role of the EtherType field to a “Data Length Field”.

    Later on, because both types were in wide use, IEEE 802.3 incorporated Ethernet II and standardised both formats.

    Today, both o

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