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  1. Actually the TCP layer contains port data, encompassing the transport and session.

  2. Hey Rene. Please help me here. I’m getting confused with OSI and TCP/IP. From Wendell Odom Book it says TCP/IP in the model being used in networking while OSi is just used for referencing but on the above article you are saying TCP/IP was never popular and OSi is the one being used.

  3. Durga,
    OSI and TCP/IP are both models, and TCP/IP is a currently implemented model. An interesting fact is that there was, at one time, an actual OSI protocol that followed the 7 layer model of OSI. The OSI protocol (obviously) lost out to TCP/IP.

  4. Thank you Andhrew.


  5. Hi Rene\Andrew,

    So are you saying both OSI and TCP\IP models were introduced as a reference models(theoretical model) by 2 different organizations and later TCP\IP became popular to implement in real world . Couldn’t they try to implement OSI stack ? I see only TCP\IP stack in all the computers in today’s world.

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