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  1. Hello

    Do passive interfaces receive RIP updates? For example if we make interface Fa0/0 of R1 passive will it receive RIP updates from R2? If yes, what do you mean by saying that if we install a virtual router on the LAN side, R1 will not receive RIP updates from the virtual router on the passive interface of R1 connected to the LAN ?

    Thank you

  2. Hello Markos,

    If you make it a passive interface then yes, the interface can still receive RIP updates. I removed the sentence about the virtual router because this doesn’t really apply to RIP.

    What I mean with a virtual router in this lesson is that someone could use something like GNS3 on their computer to run a virtual Cisco IOS router, configure RIP and send updates towards R1. This is a security risk.

    Passive interface for RIP however doesn’t protect against this since RIP will still happily accept updates, even if the interface is passive (it only doesn’t

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