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  1. Hello Max

    Yes you are correct, thank you for catching that. It would be nice to have such speeds however :stuck_out_tongue: .

    I will let @ReneMolenaar know to change that.

    Thanks again!


  2. Hello Rene,

    Is there already a lesson about E-LAN or VPLS?

  3. I am kind of embarrassed. Where I work now most everything we do is Metro Ethernet and specifically E-Line(point to point) and E-Lan (Full Mesh)

    I somehow got confused as most of my knowledge before came from CCNP material and I got MPLS and MPLS VPN (Which is layer three) confused with these and in my head somehow was thinking ELAN and ELINE was a VPN… Ah well I have never been afraid to look foolish though its not my favorite thing I am ok with it as long as I keep learning :slight_smile:

    any good reference material I can look up perhaps specific to this topic. Renee

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  4. I have used this technology as customer, it’s very nice why it’s not included in CCIE routing and switching in depth, is this more CCIE ISP? I really would like to know more about this technology and why don’t replace MPLS?


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