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  1. Hello Rene!
    First of all nice post on SDN.My question is will it be difficult for network engineers in future? How this can affect any network engineers Job? since we don’t know any programming languages how we will sustain in market.so we will have to upgrade ourselves in this regard.so now the main question arise how to start and from where to start learning these stuffs??
    You will be starting your own tutorials on SDN technology in future?? Thank You!

  2. @Deepak SDN is getting more popular in datacenters because of some of the reasons I described in this lesson. The same thing probably applies to (large) Enterprise networks.

    You don’t have to become a super programmer, after all a programmer is also not a network engineer. It is a good idea however to get familiar with scripting and some simple programming languages like Python. Learning how APIs work and how to interact with them is also a good idea. Python is something that I will add here…you can learn the basics of it in a few hours. I will also add more SD

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  3. @Abhishek - I agree. The first simple explanation after trawling many pages. Should have come here first.

    Rene - is it true to say

    1. REST is an API accessible via the northbound interface
    2. The northbound interface provides access to the SDN from above
    3. The southbound interface provides access to lower levels e.g. network hardware (also from above) to the SDN

    Many thanks for any reply. I cannot believe the waffle I have been trying to read elsewhere. You save me time sir. That is appreciated.

  4. In some other lessons, I will give you some configuration examples of SDN solutions like Open SDN, Openflow, OpenDayLight, Cisco ACI and Cisco APIC-EM.
    Hi Rene Is Openflow an SDN solution as quoted as well as the most popular SBI? Many thanks

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