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Forum Replies

  1. Hi Shaunl,

    Some of these terms are indeed a bit vague. The total “SDN package” is a SDN controller with SDN supported hardware like routers, switches, firewalls or wireless access points. It also includes the NBI (an API) and a SBI protocol that communicates with our hardware (for example OpenFlow). We can also call this complete package a “SDN solution” or “SDN framework”.

    The SDN controller is important, but you also need supported hardware or you won’t be able to do much :smile:

    In case of APIC-EM, we have APIC-EM as the SDN controller, regular Cisco IOS / IOS XE h

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  2. Hello Jean-Christophe

    Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a software package that that can be used to manage wired and wireless Cisco networks including:

    …performance, application visibility, and user experience. It brings automation and best practices to the management of your Cisco® networks throughout the technology lifecycle, from design and deployment to day-to-day operations and service assurance.monitoring,

    Cisco Prime Infrastrucutre can also be used to manage multiple instances of geographically separate CPI networks as one. More information about it can b

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  3. Many thank’s Laz. I can see the difference now

  4. Hello Rene,
    A few questions about the APIC-EM. To me it looks like APIC-EM can only be used to discover topology, backup configuration and configure devices, but we already have plenty of tools out there that can be used for all of those things. I am not sure what is the special about APIC-EM.
    On the other hand, a full blown SDN package might be little bit helpful. I am not sure about it, but it will require special devices for it.


    Now let’s come to the point

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  5. Hi Rene,

    Do you have the APIC-EM .ova file readily available? Also, what are you seeing right now as a good SDN controller for AWS?


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