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271 votes

NX-OS Topics

Create a course with NX-OS Topics.

225 votes

Troubleshooting labs

It would be great if we could get some basic to more advance troubleshooting across the core technologies EIGRP/OSPF/BGP/MPLS/Multicast. That really reinforces the foundation that I am learning and get a deeper understanding of these technologies.

144 votes

Wireshark Tutorial

A lot of your topics show you capturing traffic via Wireshark. Create a topic(s) exclusively on how to effectively use Wireshark.

135 votes

A Lab after every major topic

A Lab sample or simulation would be great after every major topic. Currently im studying CCNP Route, For example on EIGRP, it covers:
-Introduction to EIGRP
-Basic EIGRP configuration
-EIGRP Packets
-EIGRP Neighbor Adjacency
-EIGRP Neighbor and Topology Table
-EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing
-How to Configure EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing
-EIGRP K Values
-EIGRP Hold Time and Hello Packets
-EIGRP Stuck in Active
-EIGRP Summarization
-EIGRP Auto-Summary
-EIGRP Authentication
-EIGRP Default Network Route
-EIGRP Filtering with distribute-list
-EIGRP Filtering with prefix-list
-EIGRP Route-map filtering
-EIGRP over frame-relay
-EIGRP IP bandwidth percent
-EIGRP Named Mode

After learning the subtopics of EIGRP, it would be great if there are a Lab simulation that covers all this topic, maybe 2 or 3? if 1 lab is not possible to cover all. To assess our knowledge if we really know the EIGRP based on CCNP level. So that we can simulate the Lab in GNS3 or real product, and if we solve it then it will prove that we really learned the EIGRP major topic.

126 votes

SDN Topics

Create a Course with basic concepts of Software defined networking.

124 votes

MPLS Traffic Engineering

1. How the MPLS can offer the Traffic Engineering by priority the VOIP traffic
2. How the MPLS TE can use the optimal path to priority the traffic

102 votes

Develop an study case from the ground up

Plan and implement a network design and configure each device from the begining :
begin with one main office and, as if was not planned add 1-2 branch offices, solving the challenges (and reconfiguring the devices as).
Begin with a not too much complex case: 2 switches (3-4 departments) and 1 router with internet access, then adding another switch, another department, make vlan, secure port, secure access, and then adding another internet connection, then adding a new little branch office and perhaps a second one with different protocol ) . Because it perhaps will get to big, perhaps will be nice to begin with a base scenario and make some child scenarios …

79 votes

VPLS Lessons.

Hi Rene,

Appreciate if you can create some lessons on VPLS.



75 votes

Data Center/Branch Network


I would like to ask if you can make a scenario where you emulate a HQ data center which consists of a WAN Router which is connected to MPLS with ebpg between the CPE and PER routers and then suggest if we should either do redistribution or ibgp/ospf/eigrp for our IGP protocol to have bidirectional connectivity. Also add a firewall/router which is connected to the internet and you have one or two branches connection back to it through a vpn/gre tunnel and best practices on how to configure these sites.

I would like to see more scenario which we see often in real world production environment. Thanks

69 votes

Python Scripting for networks

How to write scripts for multiple config changes/backups.

63 votes

Linux Administration for Networkers

Create a course for administering/manage Linux for network engineers.
This course should cover how to manage your network from a Linux box
teach the commands, scripts and tools usually run from a Windows machine, but from a Linux machine or OS. Please include running wireshark. Thank you

61 votes

Nexus Overview

Please help to upload topics on Nexus.

59 votes

IS-IS Routing

Course on IS-IS 101

58 votes


Lessons for Cisco Voice

56 votes


Nexus Switches & DC conecpts

52 votes

Cisco WLC

install and configuration Cisco (v)WLC. Explanation of Basics, Flexconnect, and so on.

45 votes

Leaking between Vrf’s

Leaking between Vrf and Leaking vrf and Global Table

42 votes

MPLS Advance Route Target Import/Export

Advance route target import / export between the VRF and also allow the VRF leak to the internet cloud

42 votes


We want to start learning juniper from basic too.

41 votes

Create Flash Cards

Create flash cards for CCNA / CCNP / CCIE R&S that you can use on mobile devices for offline studying / memorization.


41 votes


Cisco ISE and WLC integration

40 votes


Create a course for ASA FW: Configure VPNs
Include site-site, and Anyconnect; make sure it covers the new Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client 4.0 Thanks

39 votes

MST PVST Simulation and Tunnelling between Regions

Explain MST’s backwards compatibility, PVST Simulation and how MST regions can tunnel across PVST domains. You briefly spoke on these topics here.

39 votes

VXLAN and Spine-Leaf Architecture

In the space of ever evolving datacenter design, i feel its time to get hands dirty with some deep understanding of various use cases of spine-leaf w/ VXLAN and few design examples..

please see if you can add any tutorials that explains,

Spine-leave design

37 votes

Cisco Voice – CCVA/CCVP

Create a course for CCVA/CCVP to cover Cisco VoIP Fundamentals;
Include CUCM and IP Unity.

32 votes


It will really helpful if you write few examples of PBR with following examples:
1. Failover of two Internet Links.
2. Load Balancing
3. Traffic Routing to VPN Backup Tunnel

30 votes

Datacenter Design and deployment

As the design of the network has gone through tremendous changes with new virtualization technologies and cloud computing scenarios, it would be great to see articles discussing latest network deployment scenarios

29 votes

Training on CCNP Security

Security is a hot topic right now and it would be good for network engineers to become familiar with these technologies.

27 votes

Cisco Security: CCSA/CCSP

Create a course for Cisco Security Associate/Security Professional
This course should cover the topics need to pass the CCSA course. Thanks

25 votes

Performance Routing (PfR)

-Basic Overview of technology for the different versions as well as configuration and validation commands/explanations
-Cover CCIE Blueprint areas of “basic load balancing and voice optimization”

23 votes

GRE vs IPSec Differences

Please discuss the concepts of GRE and IPSec, the pros and cons of each, with an implementation example along with the standard content which you have made for other course topics – basics, troubleshooting, step by step analysis of the packet headers and command outputs.

22 votes

VIRL autonetkit

VIRL has the autonetkit feature which allows for a topology to be preset with criteria. For example, with just a few clicks, IP addresses, OSPF, BGP, etc can be auto created. This allows for skipping the initial time-consuming configs and instead just focusing on advanced key topics, ie BGP, MPLS, PE to CE, etc. Download links for the prebuilt topology can be easily provided to members which they can load up in VIRL. Or instructions on what parameters to choose would work as well.

22 votes

ISIS Protocol

Though not much but ISP’s and big enterprise network use ISIS. Configuration, Implementation and troubleshooting of IS-IS will be helpful.

21 votes

Cisco Wlc Installation and configuration

Explain Cisco vWlc Installation and configuration. Explaintation Flexconnect, Local Switching and so on…

20 votes


Debug has so many options and just about everything has a debug, there is a keyboard shortcut for ending all debug operations, which I always forget. Also which kind of connection you have limits what you see, i.e. direct console or ssh. I would like to see an article just on debugging. I haven’t actually looked for this so you might have already covered it, this is just what came to mind while on this page.

19 votes


IP SLA setup and troubleshooting including how to get IP SLA to flip over to other routes when protocol is up but there is an issue.

18 votes


Create a course for iWAN Deployment:
Cisco Intelligent WAN, Thanks See cisco url below

17 votes


Create a course with Call Manager

17 votes

Data Center Technology

vxlan and LISP 101 would be good

17 votes


Hi Rene,

I would like to know more about the following topics if possible:
-What is VPLS, when can we use it?
– What is Traffic Engineering, why and how does it help?
– Lastly, can you shed some light on the fiber connectores, and the different types ( single mode, multi-mode, LC Vs SC)


17 votes

Multicast vpn over mpls

How to configuration multicast over mpls, using ssm, no Rp, static mroute, fallback-lookup global.

16 votes

Supervisor and line card

Hello Rene is there a possibility to create lessons for example describe supervisor card , MSFC , PFC and line card , fabric etc ….

16 votes


A simple tutorial on how Radius works where is it used and important protocols involved with it

16 votes

Deploying Cisco 5508 Wireless Controllers

Explanation of the different interface types, initial config and bringing a WLC online, AP Groups and Mobility Groups (redundancy).

16 votes


Data Center connectivity using Cisco Nexus

15 votes

IS-IS course

Please upload course to IS-IS for CCIE RS writtem exam please

15 votes


Course, labs on IS-IS

15 votes


Hi it would be great if you can start tutorial on ipv6.

14 votes

Finish the QoS Section

It would be great if we can get the QoS section finished, I joined because I saw you had that section. No other place has a very well put together section. You’re missing the queuing methods and it’s hard to get an overall understanding because of that.

14 votes

IKEv2 between ASA & Router

It will be great, if you write an article IKEv2 Tunnel between ASA & Router.

14 votes


Create a course about what we have to know about Software defined network, Network Virtualization and Network functions Virtualization

14 votes

OSPF route filtering

For CCIE lab it is important to know all kinds of filtering and traffic engineering methods within OSPF. I find it very difficult to have a nice overview of all the techniques used to filter in OSPF. Filtering based on stub areas, filtering based on OSPF database, summarization filtering, default routes, etc.. It would be nice to have all the different types of methods explained with examples.

14 votes

Bgp rib failure

Explain about bgp rib failure topic

13 votes

Share!! Real World and your real time experiences.

Please share interesting and difficult to find issues that you faced in your real world job. Atleast one a day. More n More Troubleshooting Scenarios.

13 votes

Related on BGP/MPLS

How to export vrf received route into RiB using bgp.

13 votes


Hello Rene,

Please excuse me if there is a topic for this but i couldn’t find it. I think that it will be great if there is an article explaining how to configure route-maps with access lists/prefix lists – to be more specific what does the permit in the acl do when there is a deny in the route-map and vice versa.

13 votes

Linux beginner and advance understanding

Starting from basic fundamentals of Linux to the advance levels of scripting and understanding.

13 votes

Metro Ethernet Circuits …

Hi Rene ,
a course on metro ethernet would be great …

12 votes


Hello.When can we expect to see a course on CCNA security?

12 votes

CCNP Route lab

Dear Rene;
kindly create following labs for CCNP Route and explain it in your excellent way

EIGRP OSPF Redistribution Sim
EIGRP Evaluation Sim
Policy Based Routing Sim
IPv6 OSPF Virtual Link Sim
EIGRP Stub Sim

it will helps us a lot..

11 votes


– Moving access management to FireSIGHT/FirePOWER.
– Troubleshooting from FireSIGHT
– IPS/AMP etc.

11 votes


Wireless installation ,deployment and troubleshooting

11 votes

Redistribution between different OSPF processes

What are the reasons for doing redistribution between multiple OSPF processes, and how we do that with some examples

10 votes

Cisco Waas

Hi , i wish we can have o quick overview of Cisco Waas , thank you

10 votes

Data Center Topics

Create a course with IOS-XE, IOS-XR and NX-OS Topics.

10 votes


Explaining DHCP in Detail

10 votes

More ASA topics

Failover, Twice NAT, DNS Doctoring

10 votes

IKEv1 and v2 transaction

Would be better if we can get some IKEv1 and v2 state machine details

10 votes

Please do include TCP Flags and troubleshooting based on Logs in ASA firewall

If you Can include the lessons about TCP flags ,Since in the real-time world we need to check the Show Connections , based on the output we need to identify whether it is inboud/outbound and need to Understand how the TCP Connection got Closed with Reset-I ,Reset-O,TCP FINS, FIN-Timeout etc.., These information is not available in any of the Cisco ASA Videos, IF you Can explain these Concepts with Examples and Sample Scenarios its Fantastc Rene.

10 votes

Learned Lessons

Every Courses lessons should be end up with shortly described key and critical points.What you did in trouble shoot lessons.

10 votes


Lesson that explains the technology and how to configure it.

9 votes

How works IPTV

A brief description about how works an IPTV application

9 votes

Lab of the week

Design weekly labs on random topics that present a topology and problem. Members submit their solution by the deadline. The member who found the most concise solution gets a member of the week award. This would keep all members active and interested.

9 votes

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

I started work in an ISP and we use ADSL for some small businesses. We use dialer interfaces and ATM interfaces, we also use RIP or static routes to reach ISP. I would love to see some lessons on this as it wasn’t covered in the CCNA.

9 votes


Hello, I am really impressed by this website and I think it would be really nice if you can create lessons on topics of security from scratch, like what are firewalls? why we need them,? How they work and going in depth with Palo Alto and ASA.Adding lessons for F5 load balancers would be also very nice.

9 votes

All L2VPN Topics

This this is huge demand in real time networks, please help us mastering this topic.

9 votes

A Network Tip a day/ or atleast a week

Rene, if it is possible, can you send network tip a day or every second day or weekly at least for the members? Not troubleshooting details but short note on some interesting topics: like for example: difference between ethernet MTU and ip MTU, making native VLAN tagged..or what ever you think about. Could be a simple thing but nice to have a reminder everyday or in days!!

8 votes

UNL ( Unified Networking Lab )

Create lesson about UNL and how to use it and how to join it with GNS3 lab or with physical lab and how to use CCP with UNL as well as anything related to this topic

8 votes


You can have a topic about supervisors and difference between them.

8 votes

Update to CCIE R&S v5

Add labs and extra topics related to CCIE RS v5

8 votes

TCP Window Size Scaling

Any way you can make a video on this concept? Thanks!

7 votes

DNS Records & zones

Create lessons that describe DNS records types and zone transfer

7 votes

Load balancer

Understand and Configure Load balancers

7 votes

Ethernet Fabric (Fabric Path)

Lesson about how works and configure Ethernet Fabric/ FabricPath

7 votes

BGP Site of Origin (SOO)

Please create a lesson on BGP site of origin and the scenario(s) it will be applicable to use it.

7 votes

Topic on licenses

Cisco new model routers now all require licenses. Will there be a topic talking about the licenses, e.g. security license, data license and appx license, and their features? Thanks.

7 votes

BGP Path Selection

I’ve not been able to find anything definitive on the site regarding how BGP selects which path to take/which attributes it prefers over others. It would be great to have a few examples or a video explaining this, to help when troubleshooting real-world scenarios.

7 votes

Route Map with multiple BGP communities

Would love to see how the decision of the traffic flow based on Route Map with more than one BGP community at the same time in action. Will be nice to have a full demo on this.

6 votes

VLAN Internet access

Configuration to Granting or restrict Internet access to VLANS

6 votes

Create a Private Members-only facebook page

Might be nice for networklessons members to discuss with each other.

6 votes

Service Provider topics

Hi Rene, When would you start Service Provider related material. it is very much needed to get a whole picture of networks.


6 votes

EIGRP Computed distance explanation

Lesson on the difference between EIGRP computer distance (CD) and feasible distance (FD).

6 votes

Cisco Data Center

Create Course for Cisco Data Center or at least create topics like Cisco ACI and APIC , Spine and Leaf , FabricPath, OTV , and other data center technologies.

6 votes

CCNA Collaboration

Hello Rene is there a possibility to create lessons in de Voice topic.

5 votes

Transit vlan

I hope this doesn’t sound silly, but I don’t understand the concept of transit vlans. If this can be shown with examples it would be great. Thank you

5 votes

ASA reverse route injection

How to configure, what is it used for ?

5 votes


Fibre channel over Ethernet

5 votes


Create lessons on CSU/DSU

5 votes

sparse multicast through a routed network

The new digital Personal Mobile Radio like Tetra (not cell phones) use multicast to transport vocoded audio (GSM) and database-updates, it would be nice to know exactly how it works.

5 votes

Mini Labs

Hey Rene, your learning is awesome but adding a lab and maybe charging a little more, setting up a schedule of sort would be great idea.

5 votes

Disater recovery lab

hello rene,

can you demonstrate a lab, where we can have a disaster recovery scenario covered, simulating different geographical locations, traffic shifting and precaution to take while doing such activity?

Gary Triv

4 votes

MAC Flapping

Create Lessons about MAC flapping between port and how it happen and how to solve this problem

4 votes

Regarding IPS Topics !

Badly needed some lesson on IDS/IPS related topics on your portal .Thx

4 votes


FLEXVPN is a recent Cisco Technology that employs IKE2. Very similar to DMVPN but apparently superior.

Lessons that explain and demonstrate the technology as well as a comparison between DMVPN and FLEXVPN would be of value.

4 votes

TCP Congestion Control

Create lesson that explain in detail congestion avoidance mechanism by the four algorithm ( slow start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Re-transmit, and Fast Recovery ) that TCP used to avoid network congestion.

4 votes


such as iWAN

This could be a topic in the CCIE R&S.

Thank you!

4 votes

Group encrypted transport VPN

Any chance you could put out a lesson for this?

4 votes



4 votes

Cisco Data Center

Cisco Data Cent has became one of the important subjects in the notwork filed including UCS , NX-OS .. etc

4 votes

CCDP lessons & CCNP service provider lessons

I’m taking the ARCH 300 – 320

It’d also be very practical to have CCSP
it would have been cool to have them here !

4 votes

Brocade ICX and VDX

Can you add a quick tutorial for Brocade switches please?

4 votes


Hotspot in Cisco routers, possible?

4 votes


Many companies have started using VPLS and a lesson on that would be helpful!

4 votes


i would like to you create some topic about Routing on IOSXR

4 votes

Twice NAT

I’ve heard that we do this on our firewalls to prevent stepping on remote and destination addresses. Not sure how we can set this up on the ASA though.

4 votes

ASA Multicontext

It would be great if we get asa multicontext and Active/Active Failover configuration.

4 votes

Real World Problems

Create forum with real world problems and discussions and from there create article about how resolve something, when gather all ideas from members and from Rene. On example we can discuss how secure edge router and discuss about that and then create maybe some section real world problems with best advice or best practices for specific problem or challengs

4 votes

Lesson on PPPoE and L2TP

HI Rene,

Can you pls create a lesson on PPPoE and L2TP which describes in detail of both the protocols.

4 votes

CCNA R&S (200-125) Topics

Could you please provide me lessons on the topics mentioned below.
These are included in the CCNA R&S(200-125) new blue print:

1.Configure and verify MLPPP on WAN interfaces using local authentication.

2. Configure, verify, and troubleshoot PPPoE client-side interfaces
using local authentication.

3. Describe WAN access connectivity options
b Metro Ethernet
c Broadband PPPoE
d Internet VPN (DMVPN, site-to-site VPN, client VPN)

4. Configure and verify single-homed branch connectivity using eBGP
IPv4 (limited to peering and route advertisement using Network command

5. Describe basic QoS concepts
a Marking
b Device trust
c Prioritization: (i) Voice, (ii) Video, (iii) Data
d Shaping
e Policing
f Congestion management

6. Describe network programmability in enterprise network architecture
a Function of a controller
b Separation of control plane and data plane
c Northbound and southbound APIs

Waiting for a positive response and Thank you.

4 votes


Hello Rene,
first of all, I highly appriciate the simplicity how you are explaining every topic. You are bringing high amount of value. I would recommend to anybody that if they don`t understand some topic, than it is good idea to look on your explanaition for sure 🙂

Anyway, I have studied here QoS and I think that there are few topics missing :
– Queuing (FIFO/WFQ/CBWFQ …. ) it would be nice to have these explained …
– in general it would be nice to have some split in these .. that what is Congestion Management / Conegstion Avoidance .. when and what take places … you know, something in “your style” would be appreciated …

Thank you and wish you luck on your path !


3 votes

VTI – Both SVTI and DVTI

I noticed there was no mention of route-based VPN’s in the IPSec overview. A good topic would be to go over what VTI is and how it’s different from policy-based IPSec.

3 votes


For interoperability with other HW manufactures, sometimes we need ISIS for the IGP.

3 votes

PVST+ and MST interoperation

Although not very prevalent but this topic is still quite a mind bender. Could you do a lesson on this in your cliche Molenaar style ?

3 votes


Upgrading and Downgrading the Software for the Nexus 3500 Series Switch – Using the Install All Command

3 votes

Practice Questions

I think a handful of practice questions for each subject with detailed explanations would be a very good thing to do. This will help to reinforce the concepts and help towards being ready for questions on the real exams. They should be similar in difficulty to the real test questions.

3 votes

CCNA Security

Lessons for CCNA security

3 votes

IKE and IPSEC internals

Detailed explanation of IKEv1 and V2 Internals. DH groups etc. Debugging VPN negotiation.

3 votes

Add saved Config files foeach tutorial

Can you add the config file in text format,wherever applicable, that was used for a specific tutorial.It saves a lot of time.Thanks

3 votes

MPLS route configuration

How are MPLS routers configured? Can we lab them on GNS 3 ?

3 votes

Save your last topic

Save the topic where you left off. Next time you login you continue reading the last topic

3 votes


Can you please explain how SDN can take our Network engineer jobs in the future. Do we reali have to learn programming. how SDN will change the networking. Is it for big companies or small companies will also adapt SDN?

3 votes

Nexus Switches, VDC

The Nexus devices are very hot in the market. A good description on its working and configuration will be great. Also, VDC is something related to Configuration of these devices some explanation would be of much help.

3 votes

BGP Aggregator-Address

BGP Aggregator Address,

3 votes

Segment Routing

How segment routing can be used as an alternate of LDP and RSVP.

3 votes

IOS-XR Fundamentals

Hey would it be possible to get an introduction to IOS XR?

3 votes

Palo alto firewall

Please create a course on Palo alto firewall. This device is hot now a days and have ultimate features.

3 votes

MPLS QoS, Label stacking

Hi René

I would like you something about MPLS QoS and Label Stacking with some examples configuration.

Thanks in advance

3 votes

300-135 TSHOOT

Hi Rene, I noticed that TSHOOT has completely changed. Do you have recommendations on how to re-certify ?

3 votes

“show interface ” analysis

Discuss the meaning of the different counters, such as runts, throttles, babbles, etc. Give some examples of when these might occur, and where the best place to begin troubleshooting might be.

3 votes

VPLS and Pseudowire Circuits

Create a course with VPLS and Pseudowire connections.

3 votes


Application access authentication using LDAP is widely used these day. A tutorial explaining basic LDAP/AD config and going through sample example like LDAP search etc will be really useful

2 votes

TCP Implementation

Create lessons about TCP implementation like TCP tahoe, TCP Reno, TCP Vegas, and TCP new Reno and the algorithms that used in these implementation as well as the difference between them

2 votes

include IOS release info for each topic/output

i’ve noticed much of the RS output is from 12.x code, which is not completely accurate in 15.x code. I understand it adds time to your content development cycle but it is very helpful for students learning / validating their knowledge

2 votes

i would like to read about data center

i would like to have articles on – racks for installation of servers , routers, switches + leaf spine network and other data center topologies

2 votes

IP SLA and EEM Script in Failover

How to configure two DMVPN hub router that remote sites are peering to using BGP/EIGRP. How to apply IPSLA use EEM Script to enter command and remove command from BGP for fast failover when link or route is down.

2 votes

CISCO Instant Access product line

Managing and configuring the Cisco IA product, i.e. C-6880-x and 6800 IA environments.

2 votes


It would be really great if we can shed some light on L2VPNs and related tech like AToM

2 votes

Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Would you be able to have something on Cisco Prime Infrastructure?

2 votes

TRILL or CISCO FrabricPaths

Hello, Expert
Is there any possibility to provide a lesson on this topic?

2 votes

RFC 1323 – Detail Explanation on TCP window scaling factors & How this works

I have seen a big bang explanation on RFC 1323 , I would be very happy if you can help me understand fully.

2 votes

Using Raspberry Pi in networking

I’m just curious to know the different ways in which a Raspberry Pi in networking. The possible ways, prerequisites, configurations etc. Thanks

2 votes


Couldn’t find info about L2VPN / L3VPN. Could you please create one lesson to cover this topic? Thanks.

2 votes

Traffic monitoring on a cisco router

I am often turning up new sites and circuits on the job. The client traffic coming in to my edge router via a LAN interface and trying to connect to an application my company hosts at one of its 32 datacenters. I am familiar with commands on the router such as ip accounting or setting an acl to log but feel like I could use much more detail and maybe some more methods. In the real world it seems this arsenal of traffic monitoring skills (only using the router not other tools) is essential. Maybe you could provide some methods as to how you would interact with the customer when troubleshooting connectivity to hosted application across an MPLS cloud.

2 votes

VTP Prunning

I don’t found that on this website 😉

2 votes

the new ccna has ethernetWan – can you add more on that protocol and configurations

Ethernet wan, to my understanding is supposed to replace the MPLS. can you make this subject clear ( I dot see it on the site at all ). thanks.

2 votes

Filter Streaming Video with Cisco Firepower

Learn to to use application aware filtering on a Cisco ASA with Firepower to detect and block streaming video on a per VLAN basis.

2 votes

CCNP Collaboration

It’s difficult to find CCNP Collaboration study material right now. As a CCNP Voice (now a retired certification), I am finding it difficult to locate material to make the transition and add video knowledge to my VOIP knowledge.

2 votes

TCP/IP Theory

This would be a better understanding of layer 4 and up so that a network engineer can better understand lower layer’s effects.

This regularly comes up in interview questions, beyond port numbers, but how clients server relationships work. This might encapsulate many listed topics here.

2 votes

CCNA & CCNP Security

a coursework for Security certifications

1 vote

VIRL -labs-basic/intermediate configuration

I love VIRL but I am not that great with it. I am not that fond of their forums either. would be great to have some basic and intermediate labs setup in VIRL so that we can follow and use VIRL. not talking about installing VIRL and setting it up I am talking about using it for CCNA and CCNP and up.

1 vote


There seems to be a lot of requests for network engineers to know alot nowadays, so as part of our network tool kit, will there be anymore lessons on newer Cisco ASA 5506-X — 5525X Firepower topics and more in the examples in the ASDM area?

1 vote

Mock lab

I would like to have Mock lab for each technology I learn, like after completing ospf a mock lab that covers all topics and same for BGP, EIGRP,QOS….. in CCIE level please.

I appreciate your time!

Best Regards,

1 vote

CCIE RS Workbook

CCIE RS Workbook

1 vote

Access and Aggregation Topics

Carrier Ethernet, TDM, (D)WDM, OTN, (G)PON, GMPLS, History (PDH,SDH, Sonet), xDSL, DOCSIS,

1 vote

Nexus 9K VPC configuration

do you have a lesson on this?
if not, can you make one?

Thank you very much

1 vote


Please and thank you! 🙂

1 vote

Route Dampening

As you mentioned in a reply post a subject in the BGP topic on Route Dampening would be helpful.

1 vote

Network Design Course

I think it would be great if you can create CCDA course

1 vote

Split horizon poison reverse

Could you explain how split horizon poison reverse can avoid routing loops on EIGRP with EXAMPLE.


1 vote

CCDP ARCH lessons

Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures.
You already have CCNP (Route) and CCNP (Switch).
it would be great if we could get a lessons for (CCDP ARCH) to cover a CCDP Certificate.
Thanks in advance.

1 vote


Flex VPN is a new framework to configure IPsec VPN with IKE version 2

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WAN Links overview

Hi Rene, I’m still fairly new at networking. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself but I think I’m missing some basic information about the various types of WAN links. I’ve configured serial links using WIC-1T’s and HWIC-1DSU-T1’s, what I don’t understand though is how these would be implemented in the real world. For example, what is the purpose of a WIC-1T when its cabling is restricted to such a short distance. Wouldn’t fastethernet be a better solution?

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DNS Header

Create lesson that describe DNS header as well as different code types, flags, and classes in the DNS header

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Can you please explain how OSPF avoids loop

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Hi Rene any chance of getting studies on ccnp service provider course

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Juniper configuration.

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QinQ or 802.1ad

Many carriers are supporting 802.1ad or QinQ for tunneling to their customers.

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L2TP technology and deployment ideas

Dear Rene,
Please create a course on L2TP and scenarios it is deployed.

Sandeep Paul

eBGP with ipv6 examples

Example under eBGP section with ipv6 addresses just like those of ipv4 and explanation of dual stacking along with example.

IWAN and OTV Lessons

Will you all ever do any lessons on these topics


It would be great if we could get some lesson on QoS Policy Propagation Through the Border Gateway Protocol. It will help to get deeper understanding of QPPB feature.

CCNA Datacenter

It would be great to have a course for CCNA: Data Center certification.

Control Plane Policing (CoPP)

Hi Rene,
It would be great if you can create a lesson on Control Plan Policing and Protection.

Many thanks in advance

Network Engineering interview topics covered

Mostly asked interview questions for network engineers

CCNA 200-125

Hi Rene,

Can you please provide the details of new CCNA 200-125.


Service Provider

I reckon Service Provider lessons would be a good addition. Thats my career path and would be happy if I can learn it hear.

Create a taskbook

I think it is worth to create a taskbook in the form of laboratory work to verify the knowledge in theory and practical skills. Personally, I would like to see a taskbook for the CCNP course.

Wireless Technologies.

Please create course for wireless topics.

Shortest path bridge topics

I start to study IEEE 802.1 Q nowadays. I want know more specific about SBP(Shortest path Bridge Protocol) and its control.


Is-Is routing protocol, Nexus platform, and it would be helpful if we can access a virtual lab to practice configuring routers and switches.

Network Management Software

It would be great if we could have a course for any Network Management software like Solarwinds or PRTG,
this is required for any Network job.

AQM(Active queue Management)

Create a course on WRED tail drop RED heirachichal schedulling

Show ip route tutorial

Understanding how a network flows reading the show ip route command

UDP dominance TCP starvation

impossible to find resources that explain the underlying mechanism of this phenomenon !

Here is how it is defined :

TCP starvation/UDP dominance likely occurs if (TCP-based) Mission-Critical Data is assigned to the same service-provider class as (UDP-based) Streaming-Video and the class experiences sustained congestion. Even if WRED is enabled on the service-provider class, the same behavior would be observed because WRED (for the most part) manages congestion only on TCP-based flows.

Granted, it is not always possible to separate TCP-based flows from UDP-based flows, but it is beneficial to be aware of this behavior when making such application-mixing decisions within a single service-provider class.

Edge Network Setup With Redundancy For SMB

Please create a course with full redundancy at the Distribution/Collapse Core for a small business Setup. with dual connections to the Internet either using routers at the edge or ASA firewalls (also explaining whats the difference or when to use either or). I also would like to know why there has to be a Switch in between the Edge Router and the Firewall or Switch at the Edge. it seems that security auditors like to see a switch in there.

ASA SNMP configuration

SNMP configuration on ASA with multiple contexts on failover pairs.

CCIE RS written

Would you add the following topics onto your CCIE RS written lessons?
1) Evolved Technologies
2) IoT
3) Cloud

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Cisco Group Encrypted Transport VPN (GET VPN) is a set of features that are necessary to secure IP multicast group traffic or unicast traffic over a private WAN that originates on or flows through a Cisco IOS device. GET VPN combines the keying protocol Group Domain of Interpretation (GDOI) with IP security (IPsec) encryption to provide users with an efficient method to secure IP multicast traffic or unicast traffic. GET VPN enables the router to apply encryption to nontunneled (that is, “native”) IP multicast and unicast packets and eliminates the requirement to configure tunnels to protect multicast and unicast traffic.

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Programming a SG300-52 as a L3 switch

Practical application of programming a SG300-52 as a core switch to route between Internet and Distribution switches.

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